Parts for the Nintendo 3DS, which went on sale on Sunday at $250 in the US, cost the Japanese console maker just $100, according to analysts. A “teardown analysis” by IHS iSuppli prices the bill of materials for the handheld at $100.71, with the 3D upper screen and lower touchscreen accounting for a third of the bill. Read more

The announcement of the Nintendo DS in 2004 was greeted with some scepticism for its two-screen gaming gimmickry, but 145m unit sales later it is the best selling handheld console of all time. Now Nintendo is launching its successor, the 3DS, with not just dual screens but dual images to add a 3D effect to games. This week’s Personal Technology column in the FT’s Business Life section is sceptical about the 3D element of the console but approving of several other new features on the device. Read more

Nintendo’s latest handheld console will cost more than the Wii home console when it goes on sale in the US and Europe in March.

At news conferences in New York and Amsterdam on Wednesday, the Japanese console maker revealed the 3DS will cost $250 in the US, with a retail price of around the same figure in euros expected in Europe and a UK price of #230. The Wii costs $200 (€190, £180). Read more