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John Authers and Sarah O’Connor on whether Apple is pushing its luck with content providers
The second generation of Apple’s ground breaking iPad is announced on Wednesday. Lex’s John Authers and Sarah O’Connor discuss whether Apple can maintain its dominance of the tablet market and whether the company has overplayed its hand by demanding 30 per cent of subscription revenues from its applications providers.  Read more

Personal View: Marc Benioff

This is the latest in our series on what it would take to turn Apple’s impending tablet computer into a true breakthrough product – and prompt gadget lovers to actually go out and buy one. Scroll down for earlier posts.

“Anyone with a Kindle knows that getting a book in ten seconds is an incredible experience. But the Kindle is a pioneering product, not a great product. I have several: it’s not an Apple quality product. The Kindle is the IBM PC of tablets.

That’s really the opportunity: for Steve Jobs to wave his magic wand, twinkle his eye, stomp his feet, and deliver the magic product that is cool and fun and easy. Read more