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Netflix CEO Rex Hastings has announced that the online movie rental company is to separate the DVD and video streaming services, CNN reports. The DVD-by-mail service will now be called Qwikster, and the streaming service will maintain the Netflix brand. Customers can still subscribe to both, but the two sites will no longer be integrated.

Google Wallet, the online company’s mobile payment and daily deals service, is set to be launched on Monday, according to TechCrunch. The service was first unveiled in May and will allow users to load credit cards onto its app and tap a mobile phone equipped with Near Field Communication to a special reader at a till to make a purchase. Read more

  • IBM took its offer to buy Sun Microsystems off the table when the onetime Silicon Valley powerhouse asked for more money, and said it wanted to talk with other potential buyers when IBM balked. People familiar with the negotiations said everything might still be worked out, since no other suitors are expected and the financial difference between the two sides isn’t vast.
  • The Associated Press is hoping to stanch what it claims is the rampant unauthorised republication of its content across the web. Websites – including Google News – will have to seek permission to use the work of the AP or its member newspapers, and may face legal action if they don’t comply.

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