Some bloggers are under increased scrutiny for failing to disclose relationships they have with companies they promote in posts.

The FTC is considering new guidelines that would hold bloggers and companies liable for untruthful statements made on blogs or social media sites, and organisations such as Word of Mouth Marketing Association and the Social Media Business Council are developing codes of ethics that encourage transparency for independent and corporate bloggers alike.

Now a group of “mommy bloggers” is banding together to promote a group called Blog With Integrity. The self-organised, self-policing group aims to instill a new measure of credibility in the blogosphere by encouraging bloggers to come out and proclaim their incorruptibility. Read more

Blogs are going mainstream, writes Lex. The days are long gone when they could be dismissed as the preserve of pyjama-clad commentators with something to get off their chest. Some, such as the Huffington Post, have become fully fledged news organisations. Now, similar sites are attracting cash-rich backers.

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