Wahoo Blue HR

Health and sports performance monitoring are benefiting from new forms of connectivity, as apps and devices record our activities and vital signs, and link them to a variety of analytical services. This week a heart monitor, weighing scales and a bicycle camera are the focus of a fitness gadget workout.

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Aliph, the San Francisco company that brought style and better sound quality to Bluetooth headsets with its Jawbone series, has reinvented the boombox with the launch of its second major product.

The Jambox is a small, wireless speaker, with a minimalist design and speakerphone functionality added with a built-in microphone. Read more

Personal Tech in the FT’s Business Life section this week takes a look at Bluetooth headsets:

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Aliph has added personality and loquacity to the latest generation of its Jawbone Bluetooth headsets, which go on sale today in the US at a lower price of $100.

Multiple personalities and voices in fact. Consumers can choose from the Hero, the Rogue, the Thinker, the Ace, the Bombshell and the Catch – six new designs with voices to match. Read more

It’s an ears race rather than an arms race, but the contest for the coolest and quietest Bluetooth headset has just been stepped up another notch with new releases by Aliph and Plantronics.

San Francisco-based Aliph brought forward the launch of its Jawbone Prime to today, apparently to coincide with the release of the Plantronics Voyager Pro. Read more