The hearts of two health-tracking leaders are to beat as one, with Jawbone announcing this morning it has acquired BodyMedia, in a deal reportedly worth $110m.

Taking the best elements from both’s products would represent a combination only seen thus far in the sleep-monitored dreams of fitness fanatics. Jawbone’s Up bracelet and its app’s interface are beautifully designed but relatively light on meaningful information, while BodyMedia’s armband is ugly, but packing data-rich sensors. Read more

After extensive testing of the latest fitness gadgets, I have discovered one major problem common to all of them – me.

Sticking to fitness regimes and weight-loss programmes requires a degree of rigour I seem to lack and this carried over into the discipline of having to record my activity on the new Jawbone UP and updated versions of the Fitbit widget and the BodyMedia FIT armband. Read more

Jawbone, the maker of stylish Bluetooth headsets, has announced an expansion of its wearable computing devices to a wristband that monitors your health. Named “Up”, the new gadget was unveiled by Hosein Rahman, Jawbone chief executive, at the Ted Global conference in Edinburgh on Wednesday. Read more

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get fit and healthier, there’s a guide to some effective gadgets and apps to monitor your progress in this week’s Personal Technology column in the FT’s Business Life section. I looked at the BodyMedia Fit armband, Fitbit gadget, Withings Wi-Fi scale and the Runkeeper app (its Pro version has just been made free for January). Read more