Cannes Lions

As the FT reported yesterday, Twitter has been holding discreet discussions with agencies and marketers on the sidelines of the Cannes Lions festival this week, figuring out how best to up the advertising ante on its site.

It’s interesting to contrast its low-key approach – setting up shop in a beach bar and staying away from the central Palais des Festivals – with Facebook’s full-on charm offensive to Cannes delegates. Read more

Facebook’s Carolyn Everson, its vice president of global marketing solutions, put on an impressive display before the admen at the Cannes Lions festival on Wednesday, addressing many of the issues about which marketers have been concerned. Read more

Is social media the death of news reporting or its saviour?

If you ask screenwriters David Simon (The Wire) and Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing and Facebook movie The Social Network), Twitter and other social networks are sacrificing depth for speed – but Piers Morgan, the newspaper editor turned talk-show host, reckons a single tweet added half a million viewers to an onscreen interview with Charlie Sheen. Read more

Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, believes that a third of check-out terminals in retail stores and restaurants will be upgraded to allow wireless “tap and pay” from mobile phones within the next year.

Such a development will prepare the ground for what he believes will be a “trillion dollar” industry of mobile advertising and payments. Read more

Could it finally be time to wave goodbye to passive TV advertising?

A year ago at the Cannes Lions advertising festival, Microsoft demonstrated the first in-game ads to use Kinect, its motion-sensing Xbox 360 controller. It was rudimentary but there was clearly huge potential for advertisers in having a camera, microphone and internet connection plugged into the TV.

This week, back in Cannes, Microsoft took a big step forward to unlocking that potential with “NUads”. Read more