What it is: The PowerShot N - a point-and-shoot camera from Canon with a radical new design.

Key points: Very compact and lightweight with an 8x optical zoom, 12.1Mp sensor, 28mm wide-angle lens, tilt-touch LCD panel and Full HD video capability. The unusual feature is two rings on the lens are used for operating the shutter and the zoom. The camera’s Creative Shot mode analyses a photo taken and offers you five different versions of it, using various filters, crops and focuses. A “mobile device connect” button activates Wi-Fi, turning it into a hotspot and allowing a mobile device such as a tablet or laptop to connect to it and download photos. An app is available. Read more

Powershots x260HS

For anyone heading off to a major sports event, such as the London Olympics, here are three personal tech items – digital camera, iPhone add-on and binoculars – that may be worth space in your luggage along with, or instead of, the suntan lotion.

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One of my colleagues must have the IQ of Einstein if the saying about cluttered desks being a sign of genius is true. Great mounds of paper have risen up on either side of his computer screen and, as well as obscuring him from view, they are now tottering to the extent that I fear an instant and inescapable avalanche should the long-expected serious earthquake shake us here in San Francisco

The piles of paper continue on desktops behind him, and manila folders stuffed with notes and book chapters have begun to spread over the carpet in a pincer movement, threatening to cut him off from the rest of the office.

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Is it a mouse? Is it a calculator? Actually, Canon’s X Mark I Mouse Lite is both, plus a numeric keypad as well. Targetted at travelling business professionals that miss a full-size keyboard and separate numeric keypad on their laptops, the Canon mouse comes in black or white and will sell for around $60 when it becomes available in the US in August. Read more

We look at compact DSLR cameras in the weekly Personal Technology section of the FT’s Business Life:

“The Micro Four Thirds system eliminates the bulky optical pentaprism and mirror that flips out of the way of the sensor when the shutter is pressed on a standard SLR camera, enabling the cameras to be much smaller and yet retain the advanced controls and interchangeable lenses that help define a DSLR.”

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