What it is: ION’s second-generation point-of-view action camera, the Air Pro 2

Key points: 14Mp sensor, 180-degree lens and the addition of a microphone in-jack are the main improvements to the Air Pro, which retains its basic design and features, such as vibrating when it is turned on and its body being watertight, obviating the need for an extra waterproof case. Read more

What it is: The PowerShot N - a point-and-shoot camera from Canon with a radical new design.

Key points: Very compact and lightweight with an 8x optical zoom, 12.1Mp sensor, 28mm wide-angle lens, tilt-touch LCD panel and Full HD video capability. The unusual feature is two rings on the lens are used for operating the shutter and the zoom. The camera’s Creative Shot mode analyses a photo taken and offers you five different versions of it, using various filters, crops and focuses. A “mobile device connect” button activates Wi-Fi, turning it into a hotspot and allowing a mobile device such as a tablet or laptop to connect to it and download photos. An app is available. Read more

What it is: Cambridge Consultants, the product development company that helped create the first round tea bag, has come up with a prototype pod-based tea maker called the Tê.

Key points: Hot water is drawn into a brewing chamber where a pod containing tea has been placed on a spindle and will begin to spin, pulling water in, mixing it with the tea leaves and then forcing it out through small holes in the side of the pod. (See video below) This dispenses an excellent cup of tea in just two minutes. Read more

Samsung has been at the International Consumer Electronics Show in force this week, but despite its massive booth, 64th-floor parties and flashy press conference, perhaps its most interesting event happened on the sidelines.

Two dozen reporters crammed in to a small meeting room on Tuesday afternoon to quiz a panel of Samsung’s top designers from Seoul.

Their appearance at CES follows Samsung’s $1bn defeat in patent litigation against Apple last summer, where a jury found nearly all of the accused Samsung smartphones to have infringed Apple’s iPhone designs.

This was never addressed directly; instead, the event was focused on Samsung’s new “design identity 3.0”, which aims to “make it meaningful” – and on driving home the Korean giant’s designer credentials. Read more

LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 07: Qualcomm Inc., Chairman and CEO Dr. Paul E. Jacobs speaks during a keynote address at the 2013 International CES at The Venetian on January 7, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES, the world's largest annual consumer technology trade show, runs from January 8-11 and is expected to feature 3,100 exhibitors showing off their latest products and services to about 150,000 attendees. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Qualcomm’s “Born Mobile” sign towers over other billboards; its booth is one of the biggest and its chief executive delivered the main keynote speech, with appearances by music and film celebrities and even Sesame Street’s Big Bird.

For a company that has traditionally avoided the limelight and not emphasised its brand in its customers’ products, the world’s biggest maker of mobile chips by shipments appears to be using this year’s international Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as its coming-out party.

 Read more

The Pebble smart watch, which raised a record $10m on Kickstarter last spring, will finally start shipping later this month after months of delays – albeit with a few missing features.

The device is one of several smart watches on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, including the voice-controlled Martian Watch, another Kickstarter projectRead more

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer made a surprise appearance at Qualcomm’s opening keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday night alongside Qualcomm’s Paul Jacobs.

With Microsoft a CES keynote staple for many years, the moment was choreographed as a symbolic passing of the torch to Qualcomm which – as the two chiefs chimed in unison – was “born mobile”. Read more

Sony has announced new TVs, content and distribution services for the Ultra HD standard it refers to as 4K, where screens have four times the number of pixels as the current Full HD standard.

At its press conference at the International CES consumer electronics show here in Las Vegas on Monday, it also showed a prototype TV where 4K was combined with another hot technology – OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) – although the demonstration failed. Read more

Samsung’s big CES launch brought a new tablet-inspired user interface to its smart TVs, upgradable telly brains, a new 4G tablet, improvements to its connected camera line, HD laptops and a really big fridge.

After queues around the Mandalay Bay conference centre beforehand that matched Apple for hype and desperation, Samsung wants us to “discover the world of possibilities” and came with a generous helping of what it keeps calling “the wow”.

Here’s the blow-by-blow, as it happened: Read more

Intel has unveiled new Atom processors for tablets and smartphones at International CES as it tries to make inroads in a market dominated by its rivals’ ARM-based chips.

The world’s biggest chipmaker also introduced its fourth-generation Core processor, codenamed Haswell, which it promises will finally deliver all-day battery life for laptops. New table PCs were also being featured (pictured) and advances in “perceptual” computing.

We were at Intel’s news conference and our as-it-happened report is after the jump. Read more

The right balance between commercial imperatives and editorial purity has been debated since Benjamin Franklin first made a habit of carrying advertising in the Pennsylvania Gazette. But when the Associated Press announced on Monday that it would be sending out sponsored tweets from Samsung during the Consumer Electronics Show, the news agency still managed to raise eyebrows. Read more

Our highlights from the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas (January 6 -11).

What it is: LG kicked off the CES press day with its news conference and announcements on OLED, Ultra HD and Smart TVs

Key points: A 55in OLED TV will finally go on sale; an 84in Ultra HD TV is on the way; LG’s smart TV lineup features an improved interface, better voice and gesture controls and new apps including a Verizon FiOS one that gives access to 75 live channels. Its plasma lineup is being reduced from five to three models and CCFLs – the old screen lighting technology for LCDs – are gone, with LG just using LED from now on. Three new screen sizes for Google TV models are being introduced, increasing the offering to five. Read more

We pick our highlights of the product unveilings, bringing you the essential news from the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas (January 6 -11).

What it is: Roku has added six new TV partners that will use its streaming stick with their sets and announced new content, bringing its internet-streaming offering to more than 700 channels.

Key points: Coby Electronics, Harman Kardon, HiSense, TCL, Voxx and Westinghouse join eight other “Roku-ready” partners that will integrate its streaming service through the stick that fits in an MHL-enabled HDMI port. Fourteen new channel apps are being announced including Blockbuster on Demand movies and live TV channels Fox Now and Time Warner Cable TV, the latter offering up to 300 live TV channels Read more

We pick our highlights of the product unveilings, bringing you the essential news from the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas (January 6 -11).

What it is: Budget-priced to higher-end monitors from Hewlett-Packard

Key points: Eleven new monitors ranging from a 20in Pavilion monitor to 27in Envy display (pictured). The trends are affordability, in-plane switching (IPS) technology for wide-angle viewing, Full HD resolution, edge-to-edge bezel-less displays, and Beats audio speakers included with the Envy model. Read more

We pick our highlights of the product unveilings, bringing you the essential news from the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas (January 6 -11).

What it is: HAPIlabs’ HAPIfork.

Key features: French outfit HAPIlabs has been showing off its “smart fork” at CES, in what appears to be the first example of connected cutlery. Read more

The press previews of CES have just begun and despite a dismal report of a downturn in global consumer electronics spending in 2012, we’re still seeing sustained growth in tech trend buzzwords. Read more

We pick our highlights of the product unveilings, bringing you the essential news from the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas (January 6 -11).

What it is: Seagate’s Wireless Plus second-generation wireless external hard drive.

Key features: A 1Tb external hard drive with built-in Wi-Fi and a battery that can last for 10 hours. Content on the drive can be streamed to up to eight tablets or smartphones at once. A new feature allows files on such devices to be wirelessly saved to the drive. A USB interface is also included. Read more

We pick our highlights of the product unveilings, bringing you the essential news from the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas (January 6 -11).

What it is: Lenovo’s first gaming PC, the Erazer X700

Key points: The Erazer’s blue-lit, diamond-cut design is impressive, as are the hardware specs – 32Gb of memory, dual graphics card support, 2013 Intel Core processors – and features such as one-click over clocking, a liquid cooling system and support for up to six monitors. Read more

We pick our highlights of the product unveilings, bringing you the essential news from the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas (January 6 -11).

What it is: Lenovo’s first “table” PC, the IdeaCentre Horizon.

Key points: The Horizon is a 27in all-in-one PC that can fold to lie flat on any surface and become a huge tablet. Two or more people can use its touchscreen at once, opening up gaming and media-sharing applications using Lenovo’s Aura interface and games such as EA’s Monopoly. The Horizon also comes with e-dice, joystick and striker accessories for games and an optional cart accessory for moving the Horizon around the house and adjusting its angle. Read more

A technician works on a video wall for a Samsung booth as exhibitors prepare for the International CES in Las Vegas

The 2013 International CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas this week will seek to banish the blues of 2012, where television shipments fell, a new generation of Windows 8 computers disappointed and the year ended with a 7 per cent fall in holiday-season sales.

The annual setting-out of stalls for the industry has already set a record – 1.87m sq ft of exhibition space stretched across this city, up slightly from 1.86m in 2012, as manufacturers pin their hopes for the new year on thousands of products on display for the first time.

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