Citizendium was meant to represent an advance on Wikipedia. Compared to the flame wars and defacement that occasionally blight articles on the popular online encyclopedia, Citizendium founder Larry Sanger wanted to create a place for the world to share its knowledge in a more controlled atmosphere. He saw it as somewhere that expertise would be given its due and where the discussion could rise above the rabble (see today’s news for Wikipedia’s own latest attempt to control the crowd).

It only added to the intrigue that Sanger and Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia’s Svengali, had fallen out badly – indeed, were in dispute over how much credit each should get for the creation of Wikipedia in the first place (see Sanger’s Wikipedia page for more).

Now, Sanger tells me, he wants to move on from Citizendium, and is looking for a suitable institution to take over management of his pet project – though he promises he will not leave it in the lurch (see the comment added below). Read more