Intel has found a multi-national backer for its Classmate PC, with Lenovo promising wider distribution of the laptop for schoolchildren. Intel and Lenovo announced today their partnership would begin with the deployment of 158,000 Classmate+ laptops to students in Argentina this spring. The model is the same as existing Classmates, but Lenovo says its scale as a PC maker means it can offer it in many different hardware configurations, depending on each country and education body’s requirements. It will cost in the region of $300-$400. Read more

Schoolchildren can safely spill water on the keyboard and even drop a new ruggedised version of Intel’s Classmate PC, but they may be tempted to take more care of it anyway.

The Classmate is no longer cheap in looks or price and has features that would not shame a $600 laptop. In fact, according to an Engadget review , that is precisely the cost of  the version they tested, running Windows 7 Professional. Read more

Lila Ibrahim and the new Classmate PC@CES, Las Vegas - Non-profit attempts to bring affordable computing to the developing world suffered a setback this week, while there were a couple of steps forward at the Consumer Electronics Show for commercial efforts.

Nicholas Negroponte, founder of One Laptop Per Child, announced a 50 per cent cut in his team and pay cuts for the remaining 32 people. Read more