What a difference a month makes. When Box filed to go public in late March, hot tech stocks such as Google, Facebook and Tesla were trading at close to their all-time highs.

Now, the cloud storage company’s timing looks a little less fortuitous. A month after the “tech rout” began, the financial markets don’t look quite so welcoming to a fast-growing but heavily loss-making new listing, however ‘sexy’ its enterprise technology might be. Read more

There’s always a danger, when a company like Apple comes up with a sweeping move like the iCloud, of viewing it in isolation. But the responses from Apple’s rivals will be rapid.

That, of course, is exactly why Steve Jobs has just tried to stake out the territory in his own inimitable way, months before Apple is actually in a position to launch a service. Sound familiar? It’s the same game plan that Microsoft followed for so many years. Read more

Steve Jobs appeared at the opening of Apple’s Worldwide Developer conference on Monday with what he said was a new approach to personal computing that had been ten years in gestation: the iCloud.

The service is based on an idea that Mr Jobs said he had a decade ago, and which involved computers becoming personal hubs. The iCloud will store all of a users’ content, and push it to all of that person’s Apple devices: “iCloud is integrated with your apps, so everything happens automatically.”

Details from the presentation follow after the break. Read more

While investors were giddy this week about the latest tech-company IPOs, the technologists themselves were more interested in the advent of services bringing music to people from the cloud–or clouds.  Read more

Along with Google, Amazon beat digital-music kingpin Apple in the race to launch a cloud offering that lets users hear their songs on any device, but this week’s deal with Lady Gaga shows just how much it dreads the widely anticipated arrival of competition from Cupertino. Read more