The company that brought you AOL-Time Warner has become more careful about old media-new media investments. So it was little surprise that CNN, Time Warner’s cable news division, greeted a Reuters report that it was about to buy Mashable warily.

“We do not engage in speculation about our business and we aren’t commenting on those reports,” was the canned response. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

Online retailer Amazon is set to launch a new version of its shopping website, according to The Next Web. The new website’s design has been adapted to appeal to tablet and PC owners, a sign, TNW believes, that the company could soon announce the launch of its own tablet device. Read more

  • Microsoft and Brussels have started a new round of talks over a potential settlement of the software company’s antitrust travails in Europe. The resumption of what one person close to the situation described as the “on again, off again” discussions comes as the regulators move closer to imposing stringent penalties on Microsoft over its practice of “bundling” its Internet Explorer browser with the Windows operating system.
  • Facebook showed off the power of its Connect service today, as about 1m of its users logged into sites like CNN, ABC and MTV to chat about the Michael Jackson memorial service. Some members were wallflowers, but others were chatty, posting upwards of 800,000 status updates through the partner sites. Twitter, no doubt, also experienced a boost during the memorial service, but Facebook clearly proved that it, too, could be a prominent forum for public discussion.

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CNN got a lot of publicity out of its “hologram” reporter introduced on election night in November, as well as some derisory comments.

It seemed a little ridiculous to me that the network should want to “beam” its reporter at the Obama celebrations in Chicago into its studio, when usually the whole point of putting someone on location is to have them surrounded by the colour and sound of the events they are supposed to be reporting. Read more