Thursday marked the announcement of a raft of media apps for Facebook – from Spotify and Hulu to the Washington Post.

But its social rivals LinkedIn and Twitter ought to go one radical step further and consider moving wholesale to the Facebook platform, according to Bill Nguyen, co-founder of the Color photo sharing service, which has now done just that. Read more

Too often, the photos we take get stuck on memory cards and camera phones, never to be shared with friends and family. This week’s Personal Technology column in the FT’s Business Life section looks at apps that can give them maximum exposure like Color, Path, Picplz and Instagram, as well as Eye-Fi’s Wi-Fi solution. Read more

Color, a new app that makes social connections and captures events “in the round” through the medium of location-based photographs, has officially launched, with major VC firms putting $41m into the six-month old company behind it. That’s the snapshot on the Silicon Valley startup, but the bigger picture is that Color makes possible a new kind of automated “ad hoc”, content-sharing and social networking. Read more