Digital Britain

With the UK government’s Digital Britain report due tomorrow, it’s not surprising that today has seen a crop of announcements from media companies touting their digital credentials.

Three claimed “firsts” announced today are Virgin Media’s “unlimited” music downloading partnership with Universal Music; broadcaster Five allowing full-length programmes to be embedded (YouTube-style) in third-party websites; and video streaming site Blinkbox offering pay-per-view Warner Bros movies, from the Dark Knight to Casablanca. Read more

Among the organisations adding their tuppenceworth to the Digital Britain consultation is the Business Software Alliance, the industry body that represents software companies and tries to make sure they get paid all their licence fees.

Part of the suggestions about Digital Britain have been for there to be a clampdown on music and video piracy, especially peer to peer filesharing. The BSA wants to make sure software piracy is not forgotten. Read more