Like the slideshows they display, digital photo frames have been going through a number of transitions.

From single-purpose devices, they have changed to screens that not only show photos but also can wake you up with a weather report and a stock quote. With Kodak’s Pulse frame, the move is back to a purer, simpler concept, backed by cloud-based intelligence. Read more

Sony’s Dash, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show  on Wednesday, typifies the increasing number of hybrid products being made possible on small screens with internet connectivity.

Its mother is the digital photo frame (DPF) and its father could be a bedside alarm clock, but it has an elder brother in the Chumby , which seems to have had a big influence on the Dash. Read more

HP Smart Display@CES, Las Vegas - One significant trend to frame and hang on the wall from the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show, which ends today, is the increasing sophistication of digital picture frames (DPFs).

Wireless connectivity and high-performance multimedia processors are beginning to give them functionality far beyond the usual digital slideshows of family snaps. Read more