Droid X

First the confession. After breaking the screen on a Nexus One in one week flat, I’ve now done in a Motorola Droid X in record time as well.

An envious store assistant at a Radio Shack in Los Angeles had just been pawing it and telling me how much he wanted one. Five minutes later, after an encounter with a few drops of coffee – honestly, nothing much – the screen was kaput.

What is it with these big, dazzling screens? I may be ham-fisted, but mobile phones should be able to handle some rough wear. My battered MyTouch Android has taken much more of a licking and is still going strong (though its weak, 528 Mhz processor heart now beats so painfully slowly.)

Anyway, this is not slowing the advance of Google’s Android operating system, which is on a roll particularly in the US. Read more