Dropcam released a new version of its Wi-Fi security webcam at the Consumer Electronics Show this month and while it is due to go on sale on Tuesday, the company says it is currently sold out and orders placed will not ship till late March.

In which case, I am one of the lucky ones to try out a Dropcam HD, although, while it is a big improvement on its predecessor, I also had some reservations when testing it. Read more

Dropcam has just unveiled a new version of its Wi-Fi security camera at CES in Las Vegas, offering a much improved design, more features and a cheaper price.

This is the first camera designed by Dropcam itself and it looked so much better than its predecessor when Greg Duffy, Dropcam co-founder and chief executive, came into our office and demonstrated it in November (the new camera is on the right in the photo). Read more

Creating and starring in your own reality TV show has never been so easy, thanks to the latest batch of security cameras for the home.

For the past week, I have been watching a matrix of screens on my office computer showing live action in my house, from vacuuming in the living room to conversations in the kitchen, workmen laying a floor in the hall, squirrels shooting across the driveway and deliveries at the door. Read more