A private memo from within the G8 meeting on Thursday between internet chiefs and world leaders indicates strong levels of support from Barack Obama, David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy and co for the principles of internet freedom put forward by Facebook, Google and their peers. Read more

Facebook’s role in the “Arab Spring” revolutions has been overplayed, Mark Zuckerberg told the e-G8 Forum in Paris on Wednesday evening. Read more

Sean Parker – co-founder of Napster, backer of Spotify – is suddenly very bullish on the old-school record label business.
He believes the distribution system which he helped to break is “on the verge of being fixed”, and that now is the time to invest in music again.

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Groupon is going realtime in a big way, Andrew Mason, the local e-commerce site’s founder and chief executive, told the e-G8 conference, an exclusive gathering of tech giants and policymakers in Paris. Read more