Apple, the world’s largest public company by market capitalisation, has a problem. The lawyer appointed to ensure it is not price-fixing e-book sales is just too expensive.

The iPhone and iPad maker complained to the New York court this week that Michael Bromwich’s $1,100 an hour fee is “excessive” and he has not justified it as either “reasonable” or customary”. Read more

The FT’s latest ebook is about Amazon and its voracious expansion from online book retailer into technological giant.

Is the company a force for good? Can it justify its current stock price? Why does Amazon compete with the companies it provides services to? Will Amazon agree to pay more tax in the UK as Starbucks just agreed to do?

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Q&A. If you have further questions, please post them to Twitter using #FTAmazon. Barney Jopson, the FT’s US retail correspondent, and Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, global media editor, will answer them here as soon as possible. Read more

First, full disclosure: I have a very direct interest in Plastic Logic’s electronic reader. That is partly because, today, the company announced a deal with the Financial Times and others to put content on its device, which is due out next year. But there’s more to it than that.

The Plastic Logic Reader offers an alluring promise to publishers who depend on advertising. With a bigger screen than Amazon’s Kindle (latest model out today), it may one day become a device onto which newspaper and magazine publishers can transfer their existing products – and business models.

One side-effect of that would be to keep me in a job. Unfortunately, though, that day still looks some way off. Read more