The digital age should have killed off those familiar little yellow square notes covered in near-illegible handwriting, stuck on your desk as a reminder of something you should have done long ago.

The Post-It, originally created by 3M as a use for a low tack glue the company discovered, should have been replaced by the buzzing smartphone alerts, shared electronic calendars and cloud storage services which rule organise our lives today.

But Evernote, the cloud company which aspires to act as a “second brain” storing the thoughts of its 75m users, is resuscitating the aide memoire by signing a deal to give “new digital life” to the tired old Post-It. Read more

Evernote, the service that maintains memos of your daily life, is closing on a new milestone of 50m users, but is still some way from an IPO, according to Phil Libin, chief executive.

That may have to wait until at least 2015, he told me this week, as the Silicon Valley company focuses on further growth in users and services such as Evernote Hello and Penultimate, both apps being the subject of upgrades launched today. Read more

New smartpen connects to a wireless network

Livescribe’s digital pen has finally been set free from the need to tether it to a computer to synchronise its text and audio capture, with the release of a Wi-Fi model that saves documents in the cloud.

Its Sky Wi-Fi smartpen, launched on Monday, connects to a wireless network and automatically uploads the pen’s sessions to the Evernote note-capturing service. Read more

Evernote, the rapidly growing “external brain” service that stores the minutiae of our lives, has announced an Evernote Business service that will help workers share and collaborate on company-related information saved online.

The move marks Evernote’s continuing expansion from its core business of personal web-clippings and note-taking, after it began introducing social sharing of its notebooks in 2009. Read more

Evernote, a service that offers users an elephant-never-forgets virtual brain, has announced a Trunk extension.

The Evernote Trunk is part app store, part showcase for the service’s integration with other applications and media, from imported magazine content to partner apps that scan in business cards and receipts to its memory. Read more