Digital photography has slashed the cost per image for amateurs like the Taylor family. Not only can we afford to take more pictures, but we can weed out the duds and be far more selective in deciding which images to share online or print out.

But there is one tricky bit – getting the images off the camera’s digital memory card is not always easy, as my wife discovered last week after our youngest daughter’s wedding. Most digital cameras come with a USB or cable so users can download images to a PC. But the Taylor family is surely not alone in never being able to lay our hands on the right cable when we need it. Apparently, it is my fault for having too much technology at home.

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A new “Direct Mode” feature being launched this week by Eye-Fi, the Wi-Fi-enabled SD memory card people, could change the relationship between our digital cameras and the cellphones and tablets we carry with us. Cameras using upgraded Eye-Fi cards will be able to wirelessly transfer photos and videos direct to their smartphones and devices like the iPad, without taking their usual route to the “cloud” and then onto users’ PCs or online photo services. Read more

My geeky New Year resolutions for 2011 are the same as 2010 – back up my stuff, digitise content, clean out my computer and centralise my media.

At least this year, I have a few more tools to review and help me finally achieve this – namely a Drobo S, a Western Digital My Book Live external drive, an Eye-Fi Pro X2 memory card, iolo’s System Mechanic 10 software and the MiCorder. Read more