Chris Nuttall

Flock, the social web browser that fell victim to Web 2.0 hype in 2005, appears to be finally taking flight four years later, with a new release that swoops on the surge in social media usage.

Flock 2.5, released today, amounts to the popular Firefox browser on social-media steroids. “This is our biggest release since the commercial deployment of 1.0 [in 2007],” Shawn Hardin, chief executive, told me during a demo of the product. Read more

  • Google is looking for the next Google. With Google Ventures, a new venture capital arm, the internet search giant hopes to expand its already outsized influence on Silicon Valley and eventually rival established venture firms such as Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia Capital.
  • Facebook is replacing its chief financial officer as it seeks to balance rapid growth against increased capital needs and a closed IPO market. Speculation about Facebook’s financial health has been rampant of late, but today details emerged that suggested the company is in better shape than many thought.

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