Adobe has announced a new high-performance version of its Flash software, which it says will differentiate it further from the capabilities of HTML5 – the name for web technologies that are increasingly being used in its stead by developers.

Apple has notably rejected Flash for its iPhone and iPad, citing performance issues, but Adobe said the new Flash Player 11 would render games a thousand times faster than the current 10.3 release. Read more

Dell on Tuesday began selling its first US smartphone, a model using an older version of Google’s Android operating system and seen as a lower-end entry that will be followed by more sophisticated models.

The Dell Aero joins a throng of competitors, even among Android phones, which now collectively outsell Apple’s iPhone. Read more

It’s been a long time coming, but Adobe is finally enabling fully-featured Flash gaming and video viewing on mobile phones with the launch of Flash Player 10.1.

A public beta of 10.1 is being launched today at Google’s annual developer conference for phones running a new version of Android – 2.2, codenamed Froyo. Read more

Apple may feel Flash has no future on the iPhone or iPad, but Adobe is making announcements  at the Mobile World Congress today that are likely to increase its penetration with developers.

Adobe is unveiling its AIR platform on mobile devices, starting with Android-based phones. Read more

There is still no agreement between Adobe and Apple over its Flash technology being allowed to boost the web browsing capabilities of the iPhone, but the same can’t be said for other devices from today.

Adobe is announcing the release of Flash 10.1 at its MAX worldwide developer conference in Los Angeles. It will bring better browsing and HD performance to smartphones, smartbooks, netbooks, PCs and other web-connected devices. Read more

Solid-state Flash drives (SSDs ) are making inroads at both ends of the computer market – finding a place in small netbooks and also beginning to replace the traditional hard-disk drive for data storage in the enterprise.

Pliant Technology , a Silicon Valley start-up, says it can show huge savings over traditional drives with its SSDs, the first of which are launched today. Read more