One of the more innovative approaches in the plethora of efforts to persuade more people to pay for more content online is “social micropayment” firm Flattr.

Acting something like an online tip jar, Flattr reverses the usual payment process by giving people a way to pay for content after they’ve consumed it, rather than before they know what they are getting. Read more

Can flattery really get you everywhere? Even if you’re a notorious pirate?

Until last year, Peter Sunde was the scourge of record labels and film studios as one of the founders of the Pirate Bay, the “unauthorised” music and movie downloading site. Now he’s hoping to change the economics of content again with a new venture, Flattr.

Having become famous for facilitating free downloads, Mr Sunde wants to make the web pay with his combination of tip jar, micropayment scheme and Facebook’s Like button.

Mr Sunde says this isn’t as inconsistent with online piracy as it might at first appear. Read more