A Flickr co-founder has been quietly compiling a map of the world’s stories in an attempt to transform location-based apps from drab star-based ratings and recommendations into a lively map packed with history, culture and personal tales.

From the historical Blue plaques that line London streets to maps of subcultures such as “Punk Rock in Chicago”, Caterina Fake’s new app Findery aims to help users discover new places in a more imaginative way. Read more

On Marissa Mayer’s first day as the new chief executive of Yahoo, a heartfelt plea from a neglected corner of the struggling web portal lit up social media. Read more

Seagate has launched a new line of external hard drives – the first to be able to backup photos stored on your social networks.

Its Backup Plus drives, launched on Tuesday, have the usual backup functionality of saving copies of your files from local drives, but signing into your Facebook or Flickr account, using the accompanying software, also allows automatic downloads of photos from those services. Read more

Stewart Butterfield’s move – from co-founder of photo-hosting site Flickr to co-creator of a new game called Glitch – suddenly makes sense when he reveals Flickr itself, in its earliest incarnation, was made up of spare parts from an abandoned game.

Glitch, which launched officially on Tuesday, is the kind of creation the entrepreneur could only dream of making back in 2002, when his Vancouver-based startup Ludicorp was formed to develop an online game. Read more

  • Facebook, which overtook its social networking rival MySpace in global users last year, has now surpassed it in the US, according to the comScore research firm.  Facebook users almost doubled in the space of a year to 70.28m, while MySpace members fell 5 per cent to 70.26m.
  • Mobile payments are becoming a hot area for investment. San Francisco-based Boku has launched with an announcement of $13m in funding from Benchmark Capital, Khosla Ventures and Index Ventures. It also said it had acquired Paymo and Mobillcash, two other mobile payments companies. In March, Nokia made a $70m investment in Obopay.

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