Chris Nuttall

RSS readers used to be the standard way for web users to collect and consume news from different sources, but the advent of tablets has brought personalised photo-rich magazine-style experiences rather than long RSS lists of headlines.

With traditional journalism in decline, the seven news aggregators reviewed here make a case that bots and social networks may be able to take the place of good editors by automatically providing a rich and more personalised news experience. 

Tech news from around the web:

Blogging service Tumblr is set to raise $75m-$100m in venture capital, The Wall Street Journal reports. The fundraising, which is said to include Facebook and Groupon investor Gerylock Capital, is expected to value the company at $800m. 

Tech news from around the web:

  • Hewlett-Packard is planning to build a cloud-based media locker, and racing to beat Apple and Google in launching the feature, according to Electronista. The service, which is set to be featured on its TouchPad tablet, will offer an online music syncing option as well H-P’s Movie Store product.


Tech news from around the web:

  • Nintendo is set to release a  successor to the Wii games console, according to Game Informer. The console, which could be launched at E3 trade conference in California this summer, will be capable of running games at a high-definition resolution.