Qualcomm’s bold experiment of building a mobile TV network in the US from the ground up can officially be called a failure with the suspension of sales of its FLO TV Personal TV standalone device.

The San Diego-based chipmaker said on Tuesday it expected to maintain the network till next spring for existing subscribers and there would be refunds in the event of its closure. Some layoffs are also anticipated in the near future. Read more

Mobile TV in the US has had a good World Cup, according to viewing statistics released by MobiTV  and Qualcomm’s FloTV.

But now the last ball has been kicked, are there any compelling reasons to keep watching? Read more

2010 is the 25th anniversary of the .com domain and dotcom companies appear to be back in rude health, judging by their domination of Super Bowl ads this year.

Google’s Super Bowl debut on Sunday night, with Parisian Love, was a low-budget affair. It was a rerun of an ad it has been showing online for months on YouTube. Read more