Chris Anderson,  the editor of Wired magazine, has been debating with our columnist John Gapper the concept of free, after John reviewed his new book: Free – The Future of a Radical Price, published today by Hyperion.

Marketing of the book appears to be following Mr Anderson’s principles – it’s available free for the next month via the Scribd online document service. You can read it after the jump. Read more

We are about to try something a bit different on this blog. I have reviewed the book Free: The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson for Thursday’s FT and you can read the start of the review below. But, instead of leaving it at that, we are using the review as the stepping-off point for a debate.

Chris has agreed to respond to my review, and his first salvo will be published tomorrow morning here, at the same time as readers of the paper in Europe get a chance to read my review. I don’t know of any other cases (although there may be some) where an author has responded to a review simultaneously. Read more