The iMac in 1998 , the iPod in 2001 , the iPhone in 2007, the MacBook Air in 2008.

Steve Jobs has launched one iconic design after another since his return to Apple and today unveiled the Silicon Valley company’s latest creation – the iPad – a tablet device  that promises to shake up the technology and media industries.

Preparations have been underway for the event at the Yerba Buena Center (pictured) in San Francisco all week, and we liveblogged the event. Read more

It’s the year of 3D if you believe Sir Howard Stringer, Sony chief executive, it’s the year of the tablet, according to Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia CEO.

Judging by the products unveiled at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, it could also be the year of the eReader, the year of the smartbook, the year of internet TVs and many other new devices.

Our correspondents at CES have been donning their 3D glasses to discuss the week’s announcements in a special edition of FT Techtalk. Chris Nuttall and  Paul Taylor had some of the bad internet connections and logistical holdups that typify CES, but you can read a transcript of their conversation earlier today below. Read more

Google is giving the world a first look at its new Chrome operating system today with a briefing for media at its Mountain View campus.

Chrome was announced in July and is due to be available to consumers in the second half of next year, but there has been speculation that the OS could be available in a beta version as early as this month.

FT techtalk this week came live from the Google event,  read our transcript below. Read more

On this Friday’s FT techtalk, we were joined by Robert Scoble, one of the best known tech bloggers and social media evangelists.

Robert has more than 50,000 subscribers on Friendfeed and 100,000 plus followers on Twitter. He works for Rackspace, is constructing an internet community at Building43 and writes at Scobleizer.com.

We discussed the week’s tech news, social media trends and the latest gadgets. There’s an archived transcript of the chat after the jump. Read more

In this week’s FT techtalk, we discussed how the dotcom world is bubbling along again, the tech industry is rebounding and the video game sector is about to be lifted by a rocket-propelled grenade or two.

We also took a peek at a new Twitter device, looked at the newest phones and brought you the breaking news on the resolution to the Skype dispute. Read our multimedia transcript below and join us next time live for FT Techtalk. Read more

Will the new Droid smartphone be a hit for the anti-iPhone alliance of Motorola, Google and Verizon?

How is Carol Bartz doing in her effort to turn around Yahoo?

And what does the fading buzz around Nintendo’s Wii say about the future of the gaming business?

Listen to reporters from the FT’s San Francisco and Tokyo bureaus discuss some of this week’s big tech stories.

This event is now over – read the transcript by clicking on the link below.
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In this week’s FT techtalk, whatever was under discussion, it was hard to avoid bringing Apple into the conversation.

A blow-out quarter, new products, fresh Android competition for the iPhone and Nokia launching a legal strike – Apple is in everyone’s sights.

We also looked at the latest eReaders (yes, we’re sure there’s an Apple one coming as well) and assessed whether they are ready to be bestsellers with consumers or end up in the remainders pile.

And we reported live as Microsoft issued its first-quarter earnings.

Read the multimedia transcript below and join us live again next Friday for FT techtalk, a multimedia chat with the FT’s tech correspondents. Read more

Seven days in tech, seven days (counting today) till Windows 7 launches. In this edition of FT techtalk, the San Francisco bureau looked back on a week of recession-busting earnings from the likes of Google and Intel and forward to the next booster for the tech industry.

Find out what Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer thinks is the best thing about Windows 7 and why his chum over at Yahoo, Carol Bartz, is in the hot seat next week, in our transcript of the conversation after the jump.

And don’t forget to join us live for FT techtalk, a multimedia chat with the FT’s tech correspondents, at the same time – 0800 Pacific (1500GMT, 1600BST) next Friday.

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Android phones loomed large at the CTIA show in San Diego this week, while the FCC chairman made the trip to the West Coast to warn the wireless industry’s convention of a looming spectrum crisis.

AT&T and others blamed heavy-duty data users and smartphones like the iPhone for a 5,000 per cent increase in data traffic over three years.

It has also been a big week for antitrust cases, as Europe finally ended its battle with Microsoft and the US began one with IBM.

We discussed all of this and more in our weekly FT techtalk – a live, multimedia chat with the FT’s tech correspondents. Read the transcript below and  join us again next week – at 0800 Pacific time (1500GMT, 1600BST) here on Friday. Read more

Google Wave has been all the talk this week, with the instant-messaging on steroids collaboration tool – yes, we know that’s a gross oversimplification – expanding its reach to 100,000 beta testers.

FT techtalk, a much more modest beta launched on Friday  using CoveritLive’s service, is instant messaging with just a few bells and whistles.

Below is the transcript of the FT San Francisco bureau’s review of the week’s tech news and look forward to what’s coming next in Silicon Valley and beyond.

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