The love affair with the mobile phone appears to have faltered a little, with worldwide mobile phone sales down for the second quarter in a row, according to new figures from Gartner. But is this just a small hiatus as consumers wait for the next round of handsets from Apple and Samsung to hit the shelves later this year, or a sign of something deeper?

Gartner is clearly a little worried, as it is paring back its earlier estimates for 2012 handset sales by between 25m and 40m units. Its not a huge drop, only about 2 per cent of the estimated 1.9bn unit sales this year, but Anshul Gupta, analyst at Gartner says he has been a little surprised by the fall.  Read more

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Technology industry analyst Gartner has slashed its sales growth projection for PCs for 2011 from 9.3% to 3.8%, PC Pro reports. Gartner attributes the slowdown to pressure from other gadgets such as smartphones and tablets and people holding on to their PCs for longer. Read more

So Intel’s Paul Otellini was right after all – PC sales should rise this year, according to the Gartner research firm, despite the recession.

At the Intel Developer Forum in September, the chipmaker’s chief executive said he thought the market was poised for resurgence and PC units could be flat to slightly up in 2009.

Today Gartner changed its forecast from September’s 2 per cent decline in shipments to a 2.8 per cent increase on 2008. Read more