Robert Cookson

It’s personal, attention-grabbing, and highly effective: email is one of the most important ways that companies market their products to the masses.

So no wonder that email marketers are concerned that Google has redesigned Gmail in a way that filters deals, offers and promotional messages into a less prominent part of the inbox.

How worried should marketers be? To answer the question, FT Tech Blog has rustled up some striking data about how Gmail users are behaving following the changes. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Google’s Gmail is suffering disruption, with many corporate users reporting they are not receiving emails from the webmail service, which has more than 400m users worldwide.

While Google’s Apps Status Dashboard is reporting that Gmail is working normally, it indicates the related Postini Services are suffering from disruption. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Webmail services have seen little innovation since Google’s Gmail arrived in 2004, but Microsoft took a fresh look with, launched in the summer, and now AOL has unveiled

Note that Microsoft and AOL are wisely choosing not to force Hotmail and AOL Mail users to switch to the new services – email users tend to be very set in their ways and Altomail looks a radically different interface in some of its views. Read more

Maija Palmer

Google appsGoogle’s enterprise unit is jubilant after snaring its biggest customer win to date, as BBVA, the Spanish bank, said it was going to migrate all its 110,000 employees onto Google Apps.

It’s about twice the size of Google’s next biggest customer wins with Rentokil and Ahold, and there is kudos in having a security-conscious bank place its trust the company’s cloud offering.  Read more

Tech news from around the web:

Google is set to launch a native Gmail application for the iPhone, according to MG Siegler. Those who have seen the app say it is “pretty fantastic,” MG Siegler reports. Read more

From Twitter accounts and national news sites to Google’s email service, several widely used sites were reported to have been compromised this week in a spree of online cybersecurity breaches.

Update: On Monday, Congressman Anthony Weiner held a press conference at which he admitted that he sent a lewd photograph on Twitter and had lied about being hacked.

 Read more

Chris Nuttall

From the new Facebook Messages to AOL Mail, rising phoenix-like from the flames of email irrelevance, this week’s Personal Technology column in the FT’s Business Life section looks at the future of webmail.
Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Messages and Project Phoenix are all considered, along with some of the best email aids to avoid unmanageable inboxes.  Read more

Chris Nuttall

More than a third of a billion people are active users of Facebook Messages, which made major strides to becoming a fully fledged email service on Monday.

I am among the first batch of users to get an address in a rollout expected to take many months. First impressions on the new features after the jump: Read more

Chris Nuttall

Microsoft has revamped its Hotmail browser-based email service in time for Office 2010 and the official introduction of online versions of Office applications.

The company may be trailing Google with its integration of Google Docs and Gmail, but consumers should be familiar enough with Office programs to want to give the new integrated service a try. Read more

Tim Bradshaw

Google’s email service is finally returning to its original Gmail branding in the UK after a four-year absence, after Google settled a trademark dispute.

Google paid £226,324 for the intellectual property rights for Gmail to a small UK-based financial research firm, Independent International Investment ResearchRead more