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As Facebook’s lock-up period expired this week, its stock price tumbled, fueling concerns that the social networking site may crack under further pressure from investors to expand its revenue streams. Read more

Facebook’s second full week of trading ended just as dismally as the first, and it wasn’t the only one that was ailing. Tech stocks across the board, from Zynga to Groupon, were down. While this was partly a result of a broader market decline, doubts about social media’s money-making potential have taken hold on Wall Street. Read more

Time Out, the entertainment reviews and listings group, has acquired Keynoir, a London daily-deals service, for a sum well below its inspiration Groupon’s multi-billion-dollar valuationRead more

Now that Groupon has gone public, many are wondering what will happen next to the online daily deals seller.

While some are optimistic that the company will use the $700 million it raised in its offering to maintain a “dominant position even as deep-pocketed rivals ramp up their deals businesses,” others are doubtful the company can prove that its business is sustainable. Read more

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Barnes & Noble is to introduce the Nook Tablet, a lighter, faster, 7-inch color touchscreen e-reader, Engadget reports. The Nook Tablet is set to be released on November 16th for $249.

According to a study by Ernst & Young LLP, US venture capital investment in clean technology rose 73 percent from last year in the third quarter, Bloomberg reports. Read more

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Apple has said in a statement that it has found a few bugs that are affecting the battery life of its latest iPhone devices running iOS 5, AllThingsD reports. Apple has said it will issue a software update in a few weeks.

Amazon is launching a book lending service for Kindle and Kindle Fire owners who are also subscribers of Amazon Prime, ReadWriteWeb reports.  Read more

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Since its integration with Facebook, MOG, the music streaming service, has reached 160,000 monthly average users, a 264 percent growth for the month of October, Venture Beat reports.

Apple is planning to update its retail store to allow customers to buy items through an app, BGR reports. The update is supposed to start on November 3rd. Read more

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Steve Jobs’ biological sister Mona Simpson has shared the eulogy she delivered for her brother at his memorial service with the New York Times.

9to5 Mac reports that Apple has acquired C3 Technologies, a company that creates 3D maps of cities and geographic features. Read more

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Social shopping site Groupon has launched ‘Reserve’  – a select premium service, according to PC Mag. Groupon – which has already introduced a loyalty program, Groupon Rewards  – is currently in the process of preparing for its $540m initial public offering. Read more

Google has upped the ante against Groupon in the increasingly flooded daily deals market, with a new personalization mechanism to help better target deals to subscribers – something Groupon has been trying to do for months with limited success. Read more

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Social shopping group Groupon is poised to roll out a new product called Groupon Rewards that aims to give participating retailers a way to increase customer loyalty, according to TechCrunch. Under the scheme, a business offering a regular Groupon deal will be able to follow up with another reward that gets unlocked after the customer spends a certain amount of money. The scheme will be open to retailers this week with consumers starting to see the rewards in October.

With speculation mounting over the imminent launch of the iPhone5 on October 4, TUAW looks at the fate of two of Apple’s older products, the iPod Classic and Shuffle, warning that the models face the axe later on this year. Read more

Tech news from around the web: is testing an in-store pick-up service in a partnership with 7-Eleven, according to Geekwire. A delivery locker, currently being tested in Seattle, would allow customers to pick up their packages at the stores.

Chicago-based National Louis University will offer a Groupon for nearly 60% off tuition for its entry-level graduate teaching course, Mashable says. The deal, set to go live on Tuesday and will be open to up to 25 buyers, will discount the cost of the course from $2,232 to $950. Read more

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Blogging service Tumblr is set to raise $75m-$100m in venture capital, The Wall Street Journal reports. The fundraising, which is said to include Facebook and Groupon investor Gerylock Capital, is expected to value the company at $800m. Read more

By dropping its controversial method of conjuring up profits from losses after a review by the SEC, Groupon has cleared one of the distractions around its forthcoming IPO. Now, investors can focus on the things that really matter: whether its customers like what they are getting enough to keep coming back for more, and how well its model will perform in an economic downturn. Read more

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The iPhone is number one in global smartphone shipment in the second quarter of 2011, according to the International Data Corporation’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. Vendors shipped 106.5 million units in the second quarter of 2011, up from 64.4 million units in the same quarter of 2010. Read more

Next Monday, when Groupon sends out its latest cutely-worded deal offerings for sushi and pedicures, in the mix will also be a virtual product: an exclusive audio download of David Gray’s live concert album, Lost and Found – Live in Dublin 2011Read more

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Groupon has  added new information to the risk section of its IPO filing, Reuters reports, telling prospective investors to ignore comments made by co-founder Eric Lefkofsky. A few days after its original IPO filing, Bloomberg News quoted Lefkofsky saying that: “Groupon was going to be wildly profitable,” the company said. In its updated filing, Groupon said:

The reported statement does not accurately or completely reflect Mr Lefkofsky’s views and should not be considered by prospective investors in isolation or at all

 Read more

Groupon’s swift international expansion has been “critical” to its vertiginous growth rate. In the first quarter of 2011, 54 per cent of its revenue came from outside the US.

Maintaining that growth will be a vital part of its pitch to potential investors ahead of its initial public offering.

A trio of German internet entrepreneurs have played a key role for Groupon overseas: the Samwer brothers. Read more

Groupon is going realtime in a big way, Andrew Mason, the local e-commerce site’s founder and chief executive, told the e-G8 conference, an exclusive gathering of tech giants and policymakers in Paris. Read more

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  • Nintendo is set to release a  successor to the Wii games console, according to Game Informer. The console, which could be launched at E3 trade conference in California this summer, will be capable of running games at a high-definition resolution.

 Read more