The Research@Intel Day features fascinating concepts that may never evolve into full-blown products. But this year’s event, held at the Computer History Museum on Wednesday, had one great idea for the home that is already in limited production.

In a demonstration of Simple Energy Sensing, the “rock star” researchers of the world’s biggest chipmaker showed off a plug-like device that can be inserted into any socket in the home to provide comprehensive information on how every electrical device on the power grid is operating. Read more

A year after its launch, Sony has announced its Home virtual world, accessed through the PlayStation 3, has reached the 10m user mark.

The console maker is also introducing its first massively-multiplayer online (MMO) game within Home today, which it describes as a unique social gaming experience.

It certainly represents Sony leveraging the PS3′s superior technology – Microsoft’s Xbox and Xbox Live service and the Nintendo Wii do not have the capabilities to tackle online games and environments of this level of sophistication. Read more