IFA 2011 consumer technology trade fiar Berlin Germany

Just when you think you have seen the highest definition television, the thinnest laptop and every tablet screen size possible, someone in consumer electronics comes along and tops it, as if simply to prove it can be done.

Manufacturers’ bragging rights, the need to compete with trailblazing Apple and to persuade consumers they must have something new is driving this innovation. Nowhere is it more evident than at an event such as the annual IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, which has just finished giving us its latest preview of the future.

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The claim of Berlin’s International Radio Show (IFA) to be the biggest consumer electronics show in the world is fiercely contested by the Consumer Electronics Association in America, which organises the better known CES in Las Vegas.

But this week’s IFA is certainly better attended as well as being better timed than its January counterpart in terms of gauging what sort of year the industry is having and revealing what are the likely best-sellers in the upcoming holiday season. Read more

Samsung began the most serious challenge to Apple and the iPad when it unveiled the first in its Galaxy Tab series at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin a year ago.

It looks set to raise its game further back here in Berlin this week, where the Korean company, Sony and Toshiba, among others, are showing off new tablet formats to take on the iPad at their 2011 IFA press conferences. Read more

Samsung is urging operators to bundle sales of its new Galaxy tablet with cell phones and their data plans in order to cut the cost to consumers.

Speaking on the sidelines of the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Lee Don Joo, head of global sales and marketing for Samsung’s mobile products, said it would be a burden if consumers had to pay for a separate plan for the Galaxy Tab on top of their existing phone plan. Read more