Index Ventures

When two key partners at Index Ventures, Danny Rimer and Mike Volpi, moved from London to open the tech investor’s first Silicon Valley office, many European entrepreneurs saw it as a loss for the region.

But as it raises a huge new €500m ($700m) late-stage fund, Index insists that it’s just as focused on Europe – and London – as it’s ever been. Read more

Carphone Warehouse co-founder Charles Dunstone and Index Ventures have invested €8.2m ($11.2m) in iZettle, Europe’s answer to mobile-payment firm Square.

Sweden’s iZettle operates a payment system for small or nomadic merchants – be they market traders, window cleaners or conference-goers – through a card reader that attaches to the bottom of an iPhone. Read more

European tech startups establishing offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley seem almost an everyday occurrence as they strain for a whiff of that oxygen of publicity and VC money uniquely available here. However, SoundCloud’s announcement on Tuesday of its new West Coast operation is unusual in the extent it takes to heart the entrepreneurial cafe culture of San Francisco. Read more