Richard Waters

Can you name this start-up?

Some 18 months after launching, it reaches 20m users and may be on the way to owning its category. An established internet giant, which has been trying to break into the same market, jumps in with a takeover offer worth more than $1bn – even though it’s not clear how the start-up will make money. With a market value that has soared to over $100bn, though, the acquirer feels it can afford the risk.

No, this is not Facebook buying Instagram – but the parallels are striking. Read more

Tim Bradshaw

Tech news from around the web, Super Bowl edition:

Although automotive companies were the most prolific advertisers during Sunday’s Super Bowl, many of the $7m-a-minute spots also involved tech companies – large and small. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

Panasonic is to launch a smartphone in Europe next year, according to Reuters. The move comes six years after the Japanese company abandoned overseas sales of its feature phones. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

Disney and YouTube have reached an agreement to produce new Disney-branded content for the web, the New York Times reports. Read more

Smartphone users have a wide range of mobile photo-sharing services, the latest phase of social media, to choose from. It’s starting to feel like if you’re not using a photo-sharing app, then you must be building one.

This week more new photo-sharing apps launched, while existing app Instagram passed a milestone. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Too often, the photos we take get stuck on memory cards and camera phones, never to be shared with friends and family. This week’s Personal Technology column in the FT’s Business Life section looks at apps that can give them maximum exposure like Color, Path, Picplz and Instagram, as well as Eye-Fi’s Wi-Fi solution. Read more

From around the web:

  • News Corp has launched its newspaper app for iPads, The Daily, which is available for download in the iTunes store now, VentureBeat reports. Engadget also liveblogged the launch event.
  • The photo sharing iPhone app, Instagram, has raised $7 million in funding and has hit the 1.5 million users mark, Tech Crunch reports.

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