External hard drives and their new flexibility are the subject of this week’s Personal Technology column in the Business Life section of the FT:

“I have been testing a new 500Gb portable hard drive, the FreeAgent GoFlex Pro from Seagate, which brings the concept of modular design to data storage and enables each drive to be customised to a user’s changing requirements by selecting from an array of cables and desktop adapters.”

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The latest Personal Technology column in the FT’s Business Life section looks at making files accessible through storage devices on your home network:

“Some personal technology dev­ices are deceptively simple and yet solve real issues facing ordinary consumers quickly and easily. Iomega’s iConnect Wireless Data Station is just such a gadget. It provides a simple way to make anything stored on USB storage devices – such as hard disk drives or flash memory sticks – available on a home network, allowing users to share content and access their files anywhere, even over the internet.”

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Seagate’s FreeAgent Theater media player, announced at CES and now available, seems almost a retro concept for getting digital media files playing in the living room, given all the talk this year of bringing the internet to the TV.

But if you have still failed to grasp the DLNA standard, have ever struggled to set up a Wi-Fi connection to a set-top box or television or endured the frustration of seeing your streaming picture steadily deteriorate and freeze, the FreeAgent Theater is something of a hassle-free charmer. Read more