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Amazon has taken on Apple with a range of new Kindle Fire tablets in different screen sizes that claim better performance and significantly undercut the iPad on price.

At a media event in Santa Monica, California, Jeff Bezos, chief executive,  announced an 8.9in 32Gb Kindle Fire HD tablet (pictured left) that would cost $499 and feature 4G LTE connectivity when it ships on November 20.

An upgraded version of the original Kindle Fire sets a new low $159 price point for a 7in tablet from major manufacturers. The Fire undercuts Google and Asus’s $199 Nexus 7 and challenges Apple, which is rumoured to be launching a mini-iPad in October.  International availability for the Fire was announced for the first time. Read more

Interesting commentary from around the Web on the tech story that made headlines this week.

Even though Apple’s earnings disappointed Wall Street this week, attention quickly shifted to the forthcoming iPhone 5 and the latest version of its Mac operating system, Mountain Lion. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Apple must be wondering whether it was worth the improvements, particularly the addition of 4G LTE, to the new version of its iPad.

The extra mobile connectivity has earned the company plenty of criticism, despite it offering the opportunity to enjoy, at least theoretically, 73 megabits-per-second 4G speeds for the same price as the old single-megabit 3G models. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Samsung and Apple may be locked in a smartphone and tablet war and concomitant patent disputes, but the Korean manufacturer may be responsible for more than half the cost in component terms of the new iPad, which went on sale on Friday.

A “teardown” by the IHS iSuppli research firm reveals Samsung is supplying the new Retina high-definition display, its applications processor, the Nand Flash memory in some cases and probably the battery as well. Read more

Chris Nuttall

The photos of the new iPad look just like the old one’s. Read the specifications – denser pixels, faster graphics, better connectivity, improved camera – and the changes seem predictable and incremental.

But pick up the new iPad, gaze at the incredible detail and vibrant colours in its screen, transform your photos with a few touches on the new iPhoto app, and that old black magic from Apple is back. Read more

The iPad was on everyone’s lips this week, even if there was puzzlement over what exactly to call the third generation tablet. It was not the iPad 3 or iPad HD as expected, but “the new iPad,” according to Apple. Name apart, the latest version’s hardware divided fans into two camps: those who were disappointed by the modest changes and those who claimed the announcement was “truly huge” for Apple.

 Read more

In the afterglow of Apple’s big iPad 3 reveal yesterday comes the somewhat souring realisation for its legions of European fans that they will not be able to use the much hyped 4G capabilities for some time, if at all on this device, writes Dan Thomas.

Sure, they will get the high-definition screen and the spruced up processor, but Europeans will not be able to happily “facetime” 4G LTE iPad owners in North America on super speedy mobile broadband. Read more

Tim Bradshaw

The new iPad unveiled by Apple chief Tim Cook is not the iPad 3, nor the iPad HD, though it is in spirit both of those. Apple has decided to further distance itself from the specifications-battle that has typified the technology industry’s product nomenclature to call its new iteration simply “the new iPad”.

Time and again on stage in San Francisco, Mr Cook emphasised that the iPad was the embodiment of what Apple co-founder Steve Jobs called the “post-PC era”. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Apple has launched a third version of its iPad at a special event in San Francisco, with a new high-definition display being the main improvement.

The new iPad has a Retina display – its  resolution is so dense the eye cannot discern individual pixels,  an A5X chip with four cores or brains for faster graphics,  an improved 5Mp rear camera and 4G LTE wireless connectivity.  There is also an update to the Apple TV set-top box .  Pricing remains the same and the iPad will be available in a number of countries  on March 16.  Review our live blog from the event after the jump. Read more

Tim Bradshaw

Anticipation is building that Apple will unveil a new iPad within the next month with significant upgrades, including faster 4G wireless networking and a high-resolution Retina display.

A string of rumours and reports have helped to push Apple’s stock above the $500 mark for the first time – making each Apple share more expensive than the iPad itself. Read more