iphone 4S

by Daniel Thomas, Telecoms Correspondent

Just one per cent of subscribers consume half of all downloaded data with the latest devices from Apple in particular fuelling demand for bandwidth-hungry mobile content. Read more

3D models of entire buildings can be created with Autodesk’s software featured in this week’s Personal Technology column, but for another way of literally capturing the world around you without any photostitching, I have been trying Kogeto’s Dot, the world’s smallest panoramic video camera accessory.

Available in Apple Stores this month and online at Kogeto.com for $79, it works only with the iPhone 4 and 4s currently. A plastic clip fixes the Dot securely over the camera lens of the iPhone, adding a semispheric lens and mirror combination, known as a catadioptric optical system. Read more

This week we saw that, while Steve Jobs may be gone, his shadow looms large over Apple and its forthcoming products.

Despite the company missing its third-quarter earnings estimates, Apple posted record sales of the iPhone 4S in the first three days. Meanwhile, the late co-founder’s leaked biography is in the spotlight for revealing intimate details of a very private man. Read more

A round-up of reaction to the launch of the Apple iPhone 4S:

Apple has come under criticism for failing to manage expectations and speculation about a new iPhone model. Mashable comments that the company usually follows a policy of “under-promising and over-delivering” when it comes to product launches – citing the example of how Apple handled rumours of a retina display screen on the iPad2.

So what happened to the back channels this time? It seems especially odd, considering Apple is still trying to establish Tim Cook as an effective replacement for Steve Jobs, that expectations for his first event weren’t dampened accordingly. But only in the last few days did stories about the iPhone 4S begin to appear, and not from the usual trusted sources. The vast majority of the technology world was still expecting an iPhone 5, and with good reason.

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