The start-up Jumio has emerged from stealth mode to take a swipe at credit cards, with a payment method that uses a webcam or a phone’s camera. Netswipe involves holding up a credit card to a camera, where its details and authenticity are recognised by Jumio’s software. The code on the back of the card is then entered by PC mouse-clicking or smartphone touchscreen-tapping an on-screen keypad. Read more

Jajah has become the latest internet phone company to be snapped up by a bigger player, with the Silicon Valley company announcing it is being acquired by Europe’s Telefónica for $207m €145m) in an all-cash transaction. 

The deal is much smaller than the $3.9bn eBay paid for Skype in 2005 but larger than the rumoured $50m  Google deal to acquire GrandCentral in 2007, which it renamed Google Voice. Read more

My BlackBerry suddenly became a Google phone today, a transformation that surprised me, but may be a cause for concern for the telecoms industry.

Google announced the Google Voice mobile app for BlackBerry and Android phones this morning. It’s a small download that can make a big difference to the phone interface. Read more