As Apple readies its Watch, Jawbone is aiming for “the other wrist” with the latest update to its Up fitness tracker.

Rather than challenge the iPhone maker’s forthcoming smartwatch head on, Jawbone’s new Up3 wristband is smaller than its predecessor, packed with more sensors including heart-rate and skin temperature detectors, and costs almost half the price of Apple Watch. Read more

In a mobile world where single-serving apps are replacing vast monolithic services, Jawbone on Thursday poured out a shot of Coffee: its new caffeine-consumption tracking app.

The move to a standalone app that does not require its Up wristband to work is a first for Jawbone, which is raising $250m in new funding. It comes as part of a big push by Jawbone to up its game in software and services, as step-counting gadgets fast become a commodityRead more

The co-founder of fitness tracking device maker Jawbone wants to take on Twitter with the long-awaited launch of a new “global opinion network”, State.

State, which emerges from private testing on Thursday, has been many years in the making. Alex Asseily, who is still Jawbone’s chairman, and his brother Mark have been developing State since 2011, soon after Alex returned to London following 17 years in San Francisco. They had originally hoped to launch it in 2012 but the delay partly reflects the daunting scale of Mr Asseily’s vision. Read more

The Fitbit is no longer fiddly.

Its San Francisco-based maker has removed my chief problem with this useful health tracker – launching a Fitbit Flex version today that straps to my wrist rather than the USB-stick shaped predecessor that was always getting lost in one of my pockets. Read more

The hearts of two health-tracking leaders are to beat as one, with Jawbone announcing this morning it has acquired BodyMedia, in a deal reportedly worth $110m.

Taking the best elements from both’s products would represent a combination only seen thus far in the sleep-monitored dreams of fitness fanatics. Jawbone’s Up bracelet and its app’s interface are beautifully designed but relatively light on meaningful information, while BodyMedia’s armband is ugly, but packing data-rich sensors. Read more

Jawbone is reintroducing UP almost a year after users’ complaints, about the health-monitoring wristband dying on them, forced it to halt production.

The new UP, costing $30 more than the original, has been rigorously tested and its components improved to prevent a repeat of the public relations and financial fiasco for the company. Read more

Jawbone, which has the best-selling speaker in the US in the Jambox, has come up with an even bigger seller – at least in size – Big Jambox.

As the name suggests, this is a big brother to the original Bluetooth wireless speaker, with a much larger frame and sound, plus added features, as I discovered in a few days of testing. Read more

Surviving the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas requires comfortable shoes, plenty of liquids and some indispensable and inspirational gadgets to get you through the day – my Jawbone Up band tells me I walked more than 30 miles over 4 days.

Yomping through the show floors can be made bearable with a rechargeable rucksack, an all-over massage chair and the uplifting sight of an ultimate command and control centre that can make you emperor of all you survey. Read more

Jawbone says it has stopped production of its latest product – a health wristband  called UP- and will offer refunds, after numerous devices failed.

The San Francisco company made the unusual offer that customers could both have their money back and keep the product, even if they had no reason to request a refund. Read more

After extensive testing of the latest fitness gadgets, I have discovered one major problem common to all of them – me.

Sticking to fitness regimes and weight-loss programmes requires a degree of rigour I seem to lack and this carried over into the discipline of having to record my activity on the new Jawbone UP and updated versions of the Fitbit widget and the BodyMedia FIT armband. Read more

Brace yourselves for a health-embracing bracelet from Jawbone, maker of cool Bluetooth headsets and the Jambox wireless speaker.

UP is the name of the wristband and its associated iPhone app and Jawbone is pricing it at $99.99, with availability from Sunday in the US and November 17 in the UK. Read more

Jawbone, the maker of stylish Bluetooth headsets, has announced an expansion of its wearable computing devices to a wristband that monitors your health.

Named “Up”, the new gadget was unveiled by Hosain Rahman, Jawbone chief executive, at the Ted Global conference in Edinburgh on Wednesday.

 Read more

Jawbone, the maker of stylish Bluetooth headsets, has announced an expansion of its wearable computing devices to a wristband that monitors your health. Named “Up”, the new gadget was unveiled by Hosein Rahman, Jawbone chief executive, at the Ted Global conference in Edinburgh on Wednesday. Read more

Jawbone has joined an elite group of companies – Facebook, Groupon, Skype, Twitter and Zynga – in receiving late-stage funding from Silicon Valley VC firm Andreessen Horowitz. The stylish Bluetooth headset maker announced a $49m investment, bringing total funding to date close to $100m. No other VC firm took part in the round and Ben Horowitz, Andreessen Horowitz co-founder, will join Jawbone’s board. Read more

Jawbone, those clever people who make cool Bluetooth headsets, have come up with a new use for the accelerometer – the sensor we came to know after its inclusion in the Wii’s motion controller. Apparently accelerometers can detect seismic vibrations as well as motion, so Jawbone’s new Era headset responds to the vibration of tapping it twice when you want to pick up a call. Read more

Aliph has added personality and loquacity to the latest generation of its Jawbone Bluetooth headsets, which go on sale today in the US at a lower price of $100.

Multiple personalities and voices in fact. Consumers can choose from the Hero, the Rogue, the Thinker, the Ace, the Bombshell and the Catch – six new designs with voices to match. Read more