How many people does it take to change an LED light bulb? Read more

The day consumers buy long-life energy-saving LED lights to replace household bulbs has come a little closer with the launch of a product on Wednesday from Silicon Valley startup Bridgelux.

Its Helieon LED lighting module brings costs down to around $20 a unit in volume amounts for a light that will last more than 10 years and pay for itself in far less time in lower energy bills. Read more

Bill Watkins, the former Seagate Technology chief executive, has chosen the lighting industry for his return to the CEO’s role.

Mr Watkins will lead Silicon Valley startup Bridgelux, which is driving down the cost and increasing the luminescence of LEDs with its technology.

“It’s the best thing I’ve come across in decades, this is how we felt about storage back in 1980, this is a $100bn market for general lighting,” he told me. Read more