LiMo could do with a little of the limelight.

The mobile Linux operating system has been almost forgotten as Google-led Android has become the open-source flavour of the year for handset makers and carriers.

But on Thursday, LiMo recorded some progress in its adoption, with SK Telecom and Samsung  announcing South Korea’s first LiMo-compliant phone. Read more

With dozens of smartphones powered by Google’s Android operating system set to hit the market, a different challenger to the Apple iPhone was on display in Tokyo today: the Else, from London-listed Israeli technology company Emblaze, using software made by Access of Japan.

The two companies are making bold claims for the device, long in development under the codename of Monolith. “Imagine a device that is not a phone surrounded by gimmicks you will not use; where the camera literally replaces your digital camera; you get real-time push email wherever you are in the globe; almost every song and film in the the world is one click away; and any one of its multitude of features is reached with no more than one light gesture of your finger and not buried deep inside folders within folders,” said Amir Kupervas, the chief executive of Emblaze Mobile.

The credibility of that statement was impossible to judge while watching Access’s chief technology officer demonstrate the device. Read more