Linden Lab

The Second Life virtual world has suffered the reality of company firewalls in its attempts to break into the corporate world.

But not for much longer. Second Life Enterprise, announced on Wednesday, is a version of the virtual world for business, packaged as an appliance that can be plugged easily into a corporate network.

This behind-the-firewall product should give a second enterprise life to Second Life, satisfying the reservations of businesses who feel the consumer-driven open world does not have enough security, controls and content for their needs. Read more

Mark Kingdon avatar, photo by Ina CentaurMark Kingdon, chief executive of Linden Lab, has announced two acquisitions that should further his strategy of making the Second Life virtual world more user-friendly, while cashing in on the booming virtual goods market.

The San Francisco-based company said it had bought for undisclosed sums the Xstreet SL and OnRez website-based marketplaces for virtual goods. Read more