Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router AC-1750

That connected-home utopia – WiFi with more speed and fewer dropped connections; easy internet connectivity for streaming video or playing online games on your television; and readily accessible storage for all your videos, music, files and photos – gets closer this week with products from Linksys and Toshiba (the Canvio Personal cloud is known as the STOR.E Cloud in the UK and Europe).

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The leading hard drive makers seem set on reinventing themselves – extending not just their storage capacities but their product lines as well.

Seagate announced Backup Plus, a drive that can also backup media on your social networks, on Monday and it is in the process of acquiring the premium drive maker LaCie.

Now Western Digital is taking on the likes of Linksys and Netgear with a complete lineup of routers it claims will usher in a “new era of blazing fast HD entertainment streaming”. Read more

This review will be short and sweet – just like the setup process of its subject – Linksys’s new Wireless-N Range Extender – the RE1000. There really isn’t much to the product or getting it to work, but the instant improvement it brought to a long-suffered problem makes it well worthy of a mention. Read more

While around 75 per cent of US homes have broadband, only 39 per cent have a Wi-Fi router that makes their connection usable by wireless devices around the house,according to the IDC research firm. That represents a market opportunity for Cisco as consumers bring home more wireless products like the iPad and expect to be able to access the internet away from their hard-wired PC. Hence, its new range of Linksys routers launched on Tuesday, all of them using the latest “N” standard, which has penetrated only 11 per cent of homes to date. Read more

Wireless technologies have always seemed a black art to me. From Bluetooth to Wi-Fi to 3G, mysterious signal dropouts and connection failures seem to occur at regular intervals. So finding the perfect home Wi-Fi router has been like a search for the Holy Grail, and it hasn’t exactly ended with Cisco’s latest product – the Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Dual Band N Router. Read more