It looks like Microsoft has won a significant victory in its ongoing campaign to exert its claims over some of the key intellectual property in the Linux open source operating system.

Late on Monday, it announced a patent cross-licensing deal with Amazon. Among other things, this will cover the e-commerce company’s use of Linux in its servers. That is a big deal: given Amazon’s ambitions to become one of the biggest operators of public computing “clouds”, this amounts to a major endorsement of Microsoft’s claims over some of the core IP in Linux.

There is a caveat, though: the announcement was short on detail. And that is sure to bring accusations that the software company is once again using FUD to scare other Linux users into submission. Read more

LiMo could do with a little of the limelight.

The mobile Linux operating system has been almost forgotten as Google-led Android has become the open-source flavour of the year for handset makers and carriers.

But on Thursday, LiMo recorded some progress in its adoption, with SK Telecom and Samsung  announcing South Korea’s first LiMo-compliant phone. Read more

The sight of Microsoft apparently prevailing in patent litigation against a Linux-based software application is bound to send a frisson of fear and loathing through the open source world.

So it was today, with news that a case brought last month against TomTom had been resolved. The Dutch-based navigation maker has agreed to make payments to Microsoft to end a claim that it breached eight patents, while also over the next two years removing functionality from its products related to two of the patents.

TomTom’s devices run on Linux, so the Microsoft lawsuit was seen as a deliberate, if sideways, attack on the open source operating system. Read more

  • Microsoft filed a suit of its own, alleging that in-car navigation system maker Tom Tom is violating eight of its patents, including three relating to Tom Tom’s use of open-source operating system Linux. This is believed to be the first time Microsoft has filed suit over Linux, which it has repeatedly said violates its patents.

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