Kendra Gibbons, Director of Engineering and Co-founder, Bradley Ross, CEO and Co-founder (center), Bigi Lui, CTO and Co-founder (left)

CoinTent co-founders Kendra Gibbons, Bradley Ross and Bigi Lui  © CoinTent

The people behind FarmVille and Mafia Wars want to bring micropayments to the news. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

Malware targeted towards phones running on the Android operating system continues to be on the rise, TechCrunch reports. According to McAfee’s security report for the third quarter, the amount of malware targeted at Android devices jumped nearly 37 per cent since last quarter. This follows a 76 percent rise in Android malware in the second quarter. Read more

After more than two months of privately and publicly complaining about Apple’s new iPad subscription policy, evidently to little avail, magazine and newspaper publishers are diverging over whether to sign up. Read more

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth this week about some dismal iPad magazine app sales figures from the US Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Apple’s wonder-tablet was a contributing factor in the FT’s awarding Steve Jobs its person of the year and has been a huge success. But that success doesn’t seem to have rubbed off on traditional media companies just yet. Read more

As this week’s revelation of Rupert Murdoch’s plot with Microsoft to remove his newspapers’ content from Google’s index arguably show, publishers are getting increasingly desperate in their attempts to make money from the web. As the digital chief of one large ad agency group told me this week: “There is no evidence from the last 10 years that ad-supported [online news] does work.”

No wonder, then, that many newspaper and magazine people go dewy-eyed at the mention of e-readers, which offer a clean sheet of (electronic) paper after the digital disasters of the past. Read more