As much as Facebook would like us to be our true, open, transparent selves with everyone in our lives, the reality is most people split their identity between work and personal – and that has lead many users to defy Facebook’s policy and set up two accounts. Or, start one on LinkedIn that they rarely visit.

The latest attempt to solve this dilemma comes from – yeah, the job search and recruiting site you haven’t heard too much from in 10 years.

This weekend, Monster launched BeKnown, a Facebook app that allows users to import the details of their LinkedIn profiles and manage them in the comfort of the Facebook. Read more

  • Pirates of all sorts seem to be in the cross-hairs these days. France is set to introduce the world’s most draconian laws against internet piracy, with parliamentarians voting to give the government powers to cut off offenders’ internet access. The controversial draft law would create an agency to police illegal downloading of copyright material. The bill still has to be voted on by the Senate but is widely expected to be approved in a final vote on Wednesday.
  • Meanwhile, new findings suggest the new French laws might be better suited for the US. While the US has the lowest PC software piracy rate in the world, at 20 per cent, it has the largest dollar losses from piracy, at $9.1bn, because it is by far the world’s largest software market, according to the sixth annual BSA-IDC Global Software Piracy Study. Worldwide, “the PC software piracy rate rose for the second year in a row, from 38 per cent to 41 per cent, because PC shipments grew fastest in high-piracy countries such as China and India.”

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