With a slow start to the new year, much has been made of Rupert Murdoch’s arrival on Twitter. Within hours, his wife Wendi also appeared on the site, chatting away with Rupert and various celebrities, such as Ricky Gervais. Both accounts came with the little blue “tick” logo that Twitter uses to indicate it has independently verified the account is who they say they are.

Except Wendi was a spoof. She de-cloaked this afternoon with the following tweets: Read more

With any Virgin launch, it is worth looking for the substance behind the hype guaranteed by Sir Richard Branson’s involvement. Tuesday’s unveiling of Project, billed as the first truly interactive magazine for the iPad age, was no exception.

Joined by Holly, his 29-year-old daughter who is leading the Project, er, project, the bearded balloonist happily played into the hands of reporters who have billed his pitch for Apple’s tablet as a battle of the billionaires with Rupert Murdoch, whose $30m iPad “newspaper”, The Daily, is expected early next year.

“This is not a battle. This is not a war. It’s about the future of publishing,” he said, before adding the jibe that 30 years of reading Mr Murdoch’s papers convinced him that his title would win “the battle of quality”. Read more